Before the need print labels and decals Increasing number of customers near and far, Nam Viet Barcode is investing in many modern machinery and equipment. Through this, we have invested in the publishing industry and selected the most sophisticated items. Committed to fulfilling multiple orders, competitive pricing and fast customer support.

Print decals Design and print on demand is one of our strong printing services South Vietnam With the advantages: high-quality aesthetic design, sharp printing style as well as many different types of decal paper to bring customers diverse products, competitive prices.

If this is your first time print labels and decals, you may be worried because you don't know how to choose the right materials, styles, information, images and more. But it's good that we can cooperate with you.

In this article, Nam Viet Barcode would like to introduce some valuable information to help you choose the right model and material when ordering. decal label printing paper the best. Plus some of our lifetime experience in doing thousands of different color prints. To help you confidently order custom colors at an affordable price.

If you have booked print labels and decals often but are not satisfied with their current printer and want to have a reputable printing factory that can meet the needs of progress and quality at an affordable price. I hope Minh is looking forward to working with you once, so that you can feel our pace, commitment and perseverance.

Paper for printing labels and decals

  • Decal paper for printing barcode labels
  • Decal printing paper white dead
  • Blank decal for barcode printing
  • Barcode stamp paper
  • Rolled white decal paper
  • Barcode printing decal paper
  • Decal paper to print barcode stamps
  • Ready-made decal paper
  • Roll decal with barcode label printing
  • Decal paper for printing sub-labels
  • Ready-made barcode label printing paper
  • Decal paper to print goods labels

Decal label printing paper is a specialized paper used to print all kinds of labels on cartons, cartons, and essential goods. The decal paper template consists of one side for printing information and the other side has an adhesive layer, all barcode label printing papers are commonly used in different industries.

Quality paper for labels and decals at Nam Viet Barcode

Decal label printing materials are divided into many different types

  1. Ordinary decal paper (paper decal)

Paper decal (Sticker) is the most common type of decal because of its versatility, ease of use and most importantly, it meets the needs of the majority of users at a reasonable price. Print decals Paper is widely used to mark consumable items, retail prices, prices, product information… Request handling and searching of items in storage systems, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. industrial area …

  1. Paper for printing PVC decal labels (Decal tearing without tearing)

Decal is a type of decal with very high durability, good bearing capacity, long service life, a harmony between the two factors of quality and affordable price. Printed PVC decal labels are stickers with durable, strong, scratch-resistant materials during transportation. Sticker PVC decal label Used to mark and pack products under conditions of use and movement exposed to high impact. Labels are also shaped, specified, and colored, according to the decal paper and barcode ink used for printing.

  1. Paper material for printing labels, decals and silver decals

Silver decal stickers are used to introduce high-tech manufacturing industries, technological products such as electronics, refrigeration, mechanics... The main advantage of silver stamps is very durable, resistant to adverse weather conditions and less prone to damage during use. Silver foil decals are printed with high quality ink to create stamps that can last for decades.

  1. Paper material for printing labels and decals Satin

Printed Satin Decal Labels are currently gaining popularity in the clothing and footwear industry, thanks to their soft, flexible properties that can be washed, ironed and burned without affecting or discontinuing use. Marks are used to record cuts, information and decorative products that require high aesthetics. The ink used to make satin stamps is usually of good quality.

Applications of printing satin decals:

  • Labels are widely used in supermarkets, factories, clothing companies, hospitals, merchandise labels, color barcode boxes and more.
  • Barcode printers need to use Film Ribbon rolls to print barcode letters with module sizes: diverse, can save and print size names according to customer requirements.
  • A sticker is an icon wrapped around a sticker
  • Different from other types of labels (labels that have a pre-glued layer when wet, warmed or waxed normally), Decal is a pre-glued label with a protective base. The label is gently pressed above the product.
  1. Print heat sensitive decal labels directly

Paper print decals Directly used to print bar code points without ink, to print the content of the stamp but use the heat transferred from the ink to print the content of the stamps according to the size required by the customer.

Advantages: High quality glue

Application: Paper is widely used in supermarkets using stamps to weigh items; aviation and clothing

  1. Indirect heat-sensitive decal label printing

Advantages of thermal stamp printing:

  1. Labels with high adhesion
  2. Less information collision

Application: Labels are used as boxes for labeling outside cartons in the clothing industry.

For printable barcodes, it is necessary to use rolls with barcode ink with label size: different, can be stored and printed according to the size required by customers.

  1. Print PVC stickers and decals

PP synthetic plastic decal label or commonly known as PVC indirect printing is a type of thermal transfer printing label, so it is recommended to use printing ink in rolls to print sub-labels, print barcode labels.


  1. Print quality is maintained for a long time.
  2. Waterproof, won't come apart.

Application: Labels are widely used in the marine industry, hospitals, frozen products, ceramics and more.

For barcode printers need to use strip roll Film Ribbon to print labels with label size mode: diverse, can save and print the size of the text according to customer requirements.

  1. Silver decal label printing

Silver decal labels are a very special product, indirectly printed with ink (Ribbon resin) in rolls to print barcode labels, asset inventory labels. Silver decal labels are most used for high-end products, with extremely high durability and extreme weather resistance.


  • The quality of printed boards is preserved for a long time, the content is difficult to peel off, anti-oxidation
  • Waterproof label, tear not tear.


Decal labels are used to meet industries that create high-end, technical products such as electronics, refrigeration, machinery, mechanics...

For barcode printers, it is necessary to use Ribbon ink rolls to print barcode labels with label size models: diverse, can be held and printed in size according to customer requirements!!!\

  1. Print labels and decals for goods

Secondary label means a label showing mandatory contents translated from the original label of the goods in a foreign language into Vietnamese and supplementing the required contents according to the provisions of the law that the original label of the goods is missing.

Service Type: 

– Print decal labels with information about product importers and distributors

- Printing goods sub-labels: including origin, importer and distributor information, product technical information, production date and expiry date....

  1. Print warranty decal stickers

To determine whether the product is intact or has not been exchanged, a sensitive stamp that is difficult to peel or peel off will be broken called a warranty stamp.

Stamp warranty Sensitive stamps can only be used once and cannot be reused. So the inside of the product is pasted stamp warranty is inviolable.

Decal Material: Tank Decal (broken decal)

Special warranty stamp printing methods:

– Print the number jumping on the warranty stamp accurately and aesthetically to make the management of your goods easier.

– Laminating iridescent metal on the warranty stamp helps the warranty stamp to become more prominent and at the same time, this is also a difficult point to fake the warranty stamp to help customers feel more secure for their sales.

  1. Print jewelry decal labels

Products with outstanding advantages such as de-gluing stamps, high adhesion and ink that do not fade even when shaken, washed in common chemicals


  • Jewelry stamps made of PET material, production materials are imported from genuine Avery Dennison (USA)
  • Glossy white stamp, hard, beautiful stamp.
  • The material is suitable when dipped in boiling water, chemicals and yellow vibrators to ensure no glue, no wrinkles.
  • Excellent adhesive strength withstands temperatures up to 149 degrees Celsius.
  • High-quality printing ink exclusively for gold stamps ensures no color fading, ink fading when Soak in chemicals or put in a yellow vibrator.
  • Can print color logo, white stamp with color ink to highlight the product.