Many garment companies are now trying to find a solution that can help them improve management efficiency, improve productivity, accelerate business and want to bring customers. new experiences in the shopping process.
Let’s find out how the application of RFID technology in product management at fashion and garment stores is really effective as what is being described or advertised?
The benefit of a fashion store system when applying RFID technology to management is not only the little we see through the above video, but hidden behind it is also the change in management. intelligent, scientific as well as the faster and more accurate intervention of peripheral devices in the management process, providing sufficient information for the business activities of the enterprise. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of applying RFID technology with a hardware platform, including a long-range handheld inventory device, also known as an RFID card reader and a long-range card reader (UHF card) used in the industry. garment fashion with integrated software system:
  • Handheld RFID inventory device allows us to count products quickly at a speed of 300 – 400 products within a few seconds with stable and accurate efficiency; This is not possible if we use bar code management or manual management with books;
    Long-range inventory device integrated with software allows inventorying for each area in the warehouse, in addition to the ability to detect and warn users about the wrong stuffing with data on the system to be able to promptly adjust physical goods with data on the system;



  • Finding a certain item in stock is almost impossible in practice by hand or by bar code is no longer difficult if we apply technology using long range inventory to search. The device has warning modes, which direct users to the location of the product code to be searched quickly;
    One of the other benefits that this system offers, we can set up a continuous regional shelf price control system to ensure that there is a shortage of goods during the sale (wallet For example: a price, shelf should have all goods according to the divided list, the sales process will lead to a shortage of goods such as color, style, size of the dress, ..). RFID devices are fixed to the shelves will help warn periodically during the day, shift on the sales system at each shop to timely supplement.
  • In addition, the UHF card solutions used in the management of diverse apparel products help customers be assured of both fast inventory support and meeting the anti-theft needs through dual chip cards. (anti-theft chip and UHF chip support inventory), and customers can solve the cost-optimization problem through continuous reuse of UHF card

  • Payment solution integrating UHF card reader with RFID payment tray will also help stores solve the problem of payment speed for customers instead of barcode solution, saving customers time. like the cashier’s. Especially, this solution will also make the payment less sensitive when the customer does not want the cashier to pick up each item of his to pay in advance for other customers.

  • In addition, the RFID technology is used in the fashion shops to bring a very interesting experience in the shopping process;
    A very important advantage after all of the above that we want to dedicate in the end to emphasize the superiority of the system, is the fast and smooth system connection from warehouse, sales, payment , inventory and reporting using only RFID peripheral devices enable business owners to accelerate speed at all stages of their management process.