A service industry that seems unsuitable to deploy RFID applications in manufacturing and providing services like the industrial laundry industry but in reality brings enormous benefits not only to Businesses provide laundry services but also for customers.
Let’s learn how RFID technology brings advantages and disadvantages in the process of deploying applications in industrial laundry houses in Vietnam.
Some benefits of the application of RFID technology in the industrial laundry industry:

  1. Cost savings:

Laundry: Customer
  • Save on delivery costs
  • Cost savings for management jobs
  • Save costs on fabric loss and damage


  • Save on delivery costs
  • Cost savings for management jobs (Reporting work, statistics, ..)        

2. Smart administration:

Laundry: Customer
  • Application of RFID technology allows management throughout the service provided to customers
  • Track order processing progress and take specific action for orders that have not yet guaranteed commitments
  • Information exchange with customers promptly through automatic information exchange system
  • Equipment and systems that support quick inventory, search and export
  • Support for management reporting, allow data extraction to provide services to customers accurately and quickly, for payment
  • Customers can quickly track orders, the amount of fabrics delivered to the laundry
  • The system helps customers get reports on the frequency of product use, delivery progress, and service provision of the laundry.

3. Risk management:

Laundry Customer
  • Manage the progress of providing services to customers accurately (avoid violating service commitments)
  • Accurately manage the number of times the customers use fabrics, avoid the risk of compensation due to the incorrect use of fabric by customers.
  • Preventing errors due to insufficient packaging of employees
  • Preventing the wrong shipment or excess fabric in the process of delivering clean goods to customers
  • Prevent manufacturer from returning incorrect product or providing service that is not up to the committed standard (delivery time, product type, ..)
  • The system helps customers to use fabrics properly through reporting data, frequency of fabric rotation
  • The tool enables quick inventory, search support, helps inventory work no longer an obstacle, the inventory frequency can be more frequent without wasting much labor, preventing loss of linen. through early and timely detection

4. Improve quality serving: 

Laundry Customer
  • Shorten delivery time and laundry service delivery time
  • Ensuring committed service standards on progress, intelligent management processes and product quality
  • The system allows to integrate different production management requirements into one system
  • Shorten delivery time with laundry
  • Track the exact product lifecycle, product usage frequency to plan for proper extraction and procurement
  • Using an intelligent management system that allows the provision of data and timely reports for customer management.

5. Create professional looking images

There are many benefits to industrial washers when applying RFID technology to managing fabrics as well as the difficulties in implementing RFID solutions into practice.