How to handle barcode printer with ink wrinkle error?

The low-value desktop "barcode" printer line, after being used to print labels for a while, will have a wrinkled ink phenomenon, even if it is repaired, it will never be able to overcome the original condition.
The reason is that when used for a short time, the print head and roller are worn, making the label no longer as clear as before, the user has to raise the density to the highest level so that the label can be printed clearly, the print head radiates. High heat causes the print head to get hot, resulting in the barcode printing ribbon (ink ribbon) stretching, leading to wrinkled ink, sometimes the ink ribbon is broken.

Barcode printer has an ink problem

Check the dust inside the printer regularly. A white dot appearing on the black bar is an indication of a scratched printhead.
This case often happens with desktop barcode printers, because desktop barcode printers only apply to companies that have a small printing demand, no more than 5,000 stamps a day, do not print often from this date. to another day, such as an eyewear store, a fashion store, a souvenir shop, etc.

To correct ink wrinkles, you should reduce the intensity to the point where there are no wrinkles and adjust the roller for balance.

If the print head temperature is low, the ink is no longer wrinkled, but the information on the label is not clear, you should replace the printhead because the print head is too worn and cannot generate enough heat.

And if you adjust the leveling roller and reduce the thickness as much as possible and the ink is still wrinkled, you should replace both the roller and the barcode printhead.

For industrial barcode printers, roll replacement is less common because the printer allows the roll to be raised to a level position.

Most desktop printers cannot move the roll because it is fixed, just change the roll.

Some issues that users of desktop barcode printers should note:

– Silver decal printing paper should not be used for barcode printers in large quantities and consecutively because the gloss and thickness of the paper will make the printer accessories easily worn.

– Every time you change the label rolls, clean the dust and debris inside the machine and clean the barcode printer.

– Check if the ribbon is loaded correctly

– Check that the barcode label roll instructions are properly positioned to prevent the roll from moving back and forth

– Adjust the head pressure to ensure even pressure on the paper roll.

– Check that the media and ribbon combinations are appropriate. The combination of ice and an environment that requires too much pressure and light can cause wrinkles.

– Make sure the ribbon is properly loaded and fully pushed into the Ribbon supply shaft to ensure it passes through the Ribbon Sensor when the printhead is closed.

– Check that the ribbon sensor is properly calibrated for the barcode ink being used. Perform Calibration Procedure Read

– Check by default and confirm that the barcode printer is set up correctly